Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Did this delete my post?

I'm up early today to get in another full day at the school! I'm just about there with setting up my main room for my Grade 5 LA/math kids but still have to check out the empty room upstairs where I'll be doing social studies 9. It will be pretty bare in there for now since I don't have posters to put up for anything social related!

I organized my desk drawers yesterday. That felt good since they were a disaster! I've also discovered I never, ever, ever, EVER need to buy pens again. I have an addiction I think. No, really. if you know of a penaholics anonymous hotline for me to call, I probably should! You'll agree once you see the picture of my desk!

I also got the free app of the week a couple weeks ago. It's called 360 Panorama and takes panoramic pics! It's kid of cool. I wanted to show a friend at another school my classroom, and tried it out. It makes my room look larger than it is, but I was standing right up against the wall behind my desk when I took it. Ether way, it's a cool app.

Here are a few new pics of my room's progress. I'm REALL hoping to get it done today! *fingers crossed*
Pen addiction. They're even sorted into mini categories.
Then, I found ANOTHER ONE!!
More organized desk!
Cool panoramic pic of my room!
I'm testing out blogging using an iPad app, so I'm curious to see what this post will look like. We'll see how many typos I missed since I'm not sure this app has a spell checker!
Cool panoramic pic of my room!
Cool panoramic pic of my room!


Ashley Marie said...

It DID delete my post! Good thing I suspected it might, bd copy/pasted before I messed around with more buttons! HA!

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